Microsoft Still in Crisis!

Posted: 5 October, 2013 in Computer, Microsoft, Operating System

After yet another story on Read Write about Microsoft’s current problems it seams their troubles will be far from over when Steve Ballmer goes!

It now seems 3 major investors now are also sighting Bill Gates as also the source of Microsoft’s problems and they also want him off the board of Microsoft. I found this very ironic as it was Bill Gates at the start of Microsoft who pushed the corporation forward.

But it seams, like Steve Ballmer, that Bill Gates has held back the company in recent years and he is responsible for Microsoft’s current slipping position within the computer world.

I must not be only one who is observing Microsoft current problems who think that the investors are blaming everyone else or looking for scape goats rather doing something about Microsoft’s problems which have been caused by the investors themselves whose own greed pushed Microsoft into it’s current position.

What is coming very clear to myself Microsoft may have been the biggest supplier of operating systems and office software with some sidelines including gaming consoles with absolutely nothing new in the pipeline other than much of the same legacy software re-imaged for tablets devices.

Frankly Microsoft in it’s current state cannot survive as the momentum of Open Source Software and Operating Systems increases especially in Europe where governments are actively removing Microsoft Windows of their computers in place of Linux especially in France and Germany.

Sadly I see nothing changing within Microsoft even with new leadership as their problems are so ingrained into their very culture a new leader will have impossible job of changing this culture. At the moment Microsoft days are numbered along with other big computer companies as the computer world moves on into other more innovative and usable technologies!

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