Interesting Times for Microsoft!

Posted: 20 October, 2012 in Computer, Microsoft, Operating System, Windows

It is getting close to launch time for Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 8 all with usual show put on both by Microsoft themselves and the Computer Retailers.

But there is a big but over Microsoft Windows 8 launch it does what it was intended as an operating system for touch screen laptops and desktops all in the hope that it is exactly what people want and going towards. Add to this Microsoft are cashing in on the so called touch screen fad of tablets and phones.

The big but being in creating Windows 8 around touch screen Microsoft have blatantly ignored those users who for whatever reason do not want to use or cannot afford to use touch screen devices where Windows 8 desktop becomes a liability almost unusable. Personally this part was not very well thought through by Microsoft and this is going to the Achilles heal of Windows 8.

By doing this Microsoft could of already sown the seeds of Windows 8 failure especially among business and serious computer users who are not interested in touch screen but the more practical side of computing in so much an operating system with easy to use desktop which works on basic computers.

Potentially Microsoft could have another Vista on it’s hands as this time there have been rumblings from number of software companies, including likes of Valve, about Windows 8 use of applications. Add to this a very indifferent reaction from the business side of computing who I suspect really do not need the application based fancy front end to Windows 8.

In conclusion Microsoft should of really put a lot more thought into the release of Window 8 rather than they have done added a new application based front end to what is basically an improved Windows 7. They have jumped onto the touch screen band wagon dangerously ignoring the very important business and serious users by providing a more practical version of Windows 8 without the touch screen front end.

Finally some people I know, some real Microsoft fans, who have used Windows 8 pre-release versions initially like it’s look and usability on a touch screen but all end up with same conclusion nice looking operating system but horrible to use on real computers those without touch screens. Basically their initial enthusiasm for Windows 8 quickly dissipated when used for real when they used it in anger.

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