A New Definition of User Friendly!

Posted: 13 December, 2012 in Computer, Microsoft, Operating System, Windows

It has been months since Windows 8 has been released by Microsoft and I have still avoided using it in anger but the few times I have had to use it I have found it the most unfriendly operating system I have ever used. One thing it is not is intuitive or friendly to use even for someone who is as experienced as myself. I found myself at a loss when confronted with Windows 8 mainly due to lack of any prompts or pointers on screen to help any users.

It seams I am not only one who is having problems with Windows 8 look and feel on laptops and desktops as I have heard stories of people who have returned laptops back to where they brought them as they simply did not like or could not use Windows 8!

It seams Microsoft have defined a whole new level of user friendliness and really confirms something I thought the first time I saw Windows 8 in so much a large majority of users simply are not going to like the front end.

Personally I think Windows 8 has not done what it was meant to do and improve the look and feel of the laptop but it has the effect of making computers in general more user unfriendly and harder to use.

Even the likes of Ubuntu, one major Linux distribution, has sensed that not all is well with Microsoft’s Windows 8 and now they are openly advertising themselves as a better alternative to Windows 8.

I think in the end Microsoft have made a big mistake with Windows 8 in it’s present form and they really need to rework the front end of Windows 8 or there could be a serious possibility it could be their swan song in so much we could see the start of Microsoft’s fall from the top as an operating system!


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