How not to Sell an Operating System!

Posted: 18 November, 2012 in Computer, Microsoft, Operating System, Windows

It has been almost a month since Microsoft released Windows 8 to an indifferent public who still are not exactly fired up by it. This is not surprising considering that so many new releases were done at the time it was released plus Microsoft not really doing anything to promote it’s release.

What really has not helped Windows 8 is the fact to a normal user the look of Windows 8 is very off putting and confusing considering most users are already used to traditional look and feel of the operating systems. Most users when they first see the desktop of Windows 8 have a looks of mild confusion or total incomprehension, not exactly what Microsoft wanted!

All this now has been heightened by the fact the mobile version of Windows 8 has been released where the operating system which does actaully make sense to users in general.

As I have said before Microsoft have tried to put a touch phone operating system onto a laptop which frankly does not work on the big screen of a Laptop as it looks a mess and it is confusing to most users who are of an age who do not use touch screen devices.

Windows 8 may of worked better if it gave the users the option to use a more traditional desktop an option removed in the final release strangely. Plus it would of also helped if Microsoft actually got behind their own Operating System with some real good old fashioned advertising before it’s release to drum up some public interest rather after the fact.

Microsoft once again have missed an opportunity for setting the computer world on fire with a new and exciting operating system but in the end Windows 8 is just yet another operating system with a strange desktop which the large majority of users are mystified and perplexed by but nothing special or exciting.

We should not be surprised by Microsoft anymore as it is becoming very apparent as a Company it has lost it’s edge and innovative position within the Computer world. All Microsoft is now is yet another Software House, be it one of the biggest, who happens to write an operating system but nothing special or outstanding!


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