Windows Blue: The Last Stand for Microsoft!

Posted: 12 May, 2013 in Computer, Microsoft, Operating System, Windows

Last week Microsoft announcement they are pushing forward the release of Windows Blue to next month from October which should include the return of the Start button and program menu and the accompanying claim they are actually listening to their users which frankly still has a very hollow ring to it.

This release is nothing to with Microsoft listening to their users but Microsoft trying to save Windows 8 itself which frankly has not gone down well with both the users and industry itself reflected globally in increase of sales of tablets and an over 10% drop in Desktop and Laptops.

Basically Windows 8 has not taken off and much like Vista before it has has not gone down well with both users and industry who now universally dislike or find the new mono front end to the desktop unusable. Add to this the fact not everyone likes the modifications Microsoft have done to the back end which frankly make the operating system difficult to use commercially.

This week by this announcement Microsoft have admitted they have made a big mistake releasing and changing the desktop in Windows 8 something a lot of users like myself have said since it’s release. It has been a disaster for them and computer industry in general which has suffered because of the release of Windows 8 especially in the retail sector who have stubbornly stuck to Windows 8 regardless of the fact it has damaged their profitability at a time they did not need it.

You could say Windows 8 is Microsoft’s own Coke in so much they changed it hoping the users would like the change but they have discovered like Coke the users did not like the new operating system so like Coke Microsoft will have backtrack to save Windows 8 as they now have no choice to do so.

In conclusion Microsoft must get Windows Blue right this time as this is their last chance to get Windows 8 right as if they don’t it could spell the end of Microsoft’s domination of the operating system market as both the users and computer industry will vote with their feet and start to seriously look for alternative operating systems which all users can use and revive the flagging Desktop and Laptop sales.

This is the last stand for Microsoft!


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