What is This Windows 8?

Posted: 27 October, 2012 in Computer, Microsoft, Operating System, Windows

Yesterday Microsoft Windows 8 operating system was released in United Kingdom to almost total apathy by the General Public here who just brought their computers a usual regardless of the fact if it had Windows 7 or windows 8 on it.

The only people who made anything about the release of Windows 8 where the retail companies selling computers which frankly flopped mainly because Microsoft themselves really did not advertise the release of Windows 8 on the media here in the United Kingdom!

All this shows the sheer arrogance of Microsoft who think they have the computer operating system market sown up here in the United Kingdom they do not have to advertise as they think people will always buy their operating system regardless.

But this arrogance this time could be their downfall both with the General Public and Retailers alike both of who dislike being treated with such arrogance and off hand way.

Personally I don’t think Microsoft’s windows 8 is not going to be a winner of operating system with users in general and it is going to cause no end of problems with the Retailers here in United Kingdom as users are going to have a lot of problems with Mono front end of Windows 8. It really looks like windows 8 is going to be yet another Vista and ME more of a problem than useful to all.

If I suspect Windows 8 does not take off as such I suspect that Retailers in general will go elsewhere to find computers and such which will sell and cause less problems, hence less money lost, after they have been sold to the customer.

Microsoft frankly has not got Windows 8 right both for the user or seller alike in their sheer arrogance has blinded them to the computer market needs totally. All this at a time when retail in general is having a difficult time when they needed a release from Microsoft which shined but got an operating system which is a donkey and potential liability!

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