Windows 8: A Told You So Moment!

Posted: 1 June, 2013 in Computer, Microsoft, Operating System, Windows

This week Microsoft has finally announced the return of the Start Button to Windows 8 which was much predicted by large number of computer pundits and people like myself who actually spent time listening to people around us. This is a told you so moment for such people who have been hammering on and on the fact Microsoft made a mistake by removing the Start Button in the first place.

It is also a massive U-Turn on Microsoft’s part who have had finally had to admit that some parts of Windows 8 are simply are not liked by the large majority of users both domestic and business. Microsoft are trying to put the spin that the media has ignored those who said good things about Windows 8 knowing full well a large majority of Media has either been indifferent or hostile about Windows 8 especially connected to the Computer Industry.

If anything Microsoft’s attempts to make a good job of their bad job of Windows 8 sounds hallow and it is treated with contempt by the media including the mainstream newspapers like The Financial Times. Simply Microsoft by trying to emphasise the good points of Windows 8 rather than admit their mistakes they are making their situation worse as they further erode their credibility as a serious software writers in the eyes of the Computer Industry in general.

Personally I don’t see the return of the Start Button to Windows 8 will save the day for Microsoft or Windows 8 as it has not gone far enough as the Start Button leads to the Mono Desktop not a Menu as in the previous versions of Windows which the users were asking for. Once again Microsoft have failed to fully listen to its users but it is a small step in the right direction.

In conclusion it may be a told you so moment but the damage to the Computer Industry by Microsoft’s Windows 8 has already been done from retail to software writers and it is going to be a long haul to rebuild everything back to what it was before the release of Windows 8!


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