Microsoft Are Still Flogging a Dead Horse!

Posted: 12 March, 2014 in Computer, Microsoft, Operating System, Windows

Considering the growing dislike of Microsoft Windows 8 amongst domestic users as they get to use it everyday and with prospect of business taking up Microsoft Windows 8 which currently not good it got me wondering just why Microsoft are being so persistent at trying to push users to use their new operating system?

I understand that Microsoft have invested heavily in Windows 8 development which in itself is very mystifying as it has not gone unnoticed to likes of myself that Windows 8 has same base as Windows 7 with a few major tweaks regardless of the fact Microsoft claim it is a brand new operating system.

But this constant tweaking Microsoft is doing to Windows 8 to make it acceptable to it’s jaded users must be costing them a fortune as every developer knows it takes a lot more time and cost to modify software after its release. Add to this the fact they are now starting to add features which were removed from Windows 8 and existed in previous versions of Windows because of the user outcry and dislike of look and feel of Windows 8.

I must not be only one out there in real world is starting to think with reception Windows 8 and variants have had, plus the lack of enthusiasm of business world to take up of the operating system are starting to wonder just why Microsoft just cut their losses and simply produce an upgrade of existing Windows 7, and earlier operating systems, which users like and now comfortable with on computers.

Microsoft’s actions to force users in one go to change their operating system has failed big time as users can be extremely set in their ways. If Microsoft had been really paying attention the market over the years they would of known users were very conservative as if they were not the likes of Linux would have had a bigger foot hold in the market already!

Plus those executives and decision makers within Microsoft had been actually observing the Linux world would of seen a similar problem Ubuntu and Gnome 3 had being accepted within the Linux world because of the use of an application based desktop. Basically Linux users simply do not like these sort of desktops on computers to a point much like Microsoft Ubuntu is having to reintroduce features they took out which were from previous versions of Ubuntu.

Personally it is high time Microsoft stopped flogging the dead horse called Windows 8 much like ME and vista before it and swallow their pride as if they continue to follow the current cause of Windows 8 they are heading for a disaster or difficult times ahead especially within business aide of computing as Windows 8 is really not up for the job of serious computing.

All I can say Microsoft stop flogging the head horse called Windows 8 as it really not worth the effort any more!

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