The West’s Capitalism: The Ultimate Joke!

Posted: 22 November, 2016 in Capitalism, Comment, Life, Western World

It getting to a point that I am definitely starting to believe our Western form of Capitalism simply does not work in so much it does not support free markets, innovation or allows both technology or society to move forward.

It is wholly geared to maintain the wealth of a elite few at the expense of 99% even itself that is it is a self destructive system which is doomed to fail in a spectacular way some time soon.

Worse of all it puts up a show of smoke and mirrors to fool everyone it is benefiting everyone, society even the economy and people fall for it every day regardless of the fact with little digging they soon realise things are falling apart around them.

It is not that I am against capitalism as when it is done right, fairly with real morality and real honesty it can benefit everyone not the few plus it can encourage growth and innovation both in society and technology.

But when you allow immorality, dishonesty and greed into capitalism you end up with something which will destroy the very thing it’s trying to build. The thing is the 1% may get richer but their short-sightedness and greed will eventually lead to their own destruction and leave them even less than 99% they oppressed as they cannot eat their money in a world where it has lost it meaning.

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