Our World of Lies!

Posted: 6 August, 2014 in Comment, Life, Western World

More and more I observe the modern world around me the more and more I am coming to the conclusion that we are not being told whole range of things happening in our world from part of the truth to blatant lies by governments down to individuals with an axe to grind.

In some cases we such expect it as most governments and politicians have been tell us lies for centuries so come part of the course to work out what the truth is behind their statements and we all know why they do it. Just nowadays they do put more spin which rather than hides what they are doing make it even more obvious to those people like myself who have their eyes open to what they are doing.

But now in our modern world it is not only governments who bend the truth even lie any more but those people with real issues about what is happening in the world and claim they are bringing the truth to the public attention have started to do the same trick as governments.

I suspect this is under the sad delusion such distortions of the truth to lies will grab peoples attention so they think the end justifies the means. But especially with people like myself it devalues their arguments to a point I now do not believe what they say any more or if I do I take it with a very big pinch of salt now. Rather than promoting their causes it now sets them back and they have lost their creditability.

Sadly such groups include the concerned with global warming who have told so many halve truths, blatant misinformation and disproved scientific theories I for one now simply do not believe them any more as their credibility with myself has gone.

Then we get to the biggest liars and tellers of half truths the big Corporations world wide who openly lie, spread misinformation and spread blatant propaganda all in the name of business and making money. Those within these corporation actually think what they are doing is right and proper because it promotes their businesses regardless of the fact in normal every interactions between people such behaviour is simply not acceptable.

But we see it every day from such corporations from small halve truths about products which simply to not work and never proved scientifically to the big and the lies and scare stories which included the Millennium Bug to Microsoft xp computers being suddenly attacked when Microsoft withdrew support for it, something which never happened much like the Millennium bug.

In conclusion my observations of the various governments, corporations, campaigning groups to individuals with drum to beat is that a large majority of them now think is perfectly acceptable to either bend the truth to lie as long as the end justifies the means. But they all have missed the fact once caught lying or bending the truth it devalues them and their causes which will eventually destroy what they are trying to achieve.

All this seams a very grim and cynical view of the world on my part but after so many years of life of accepting such behaviour from governments, corporations and campaigning groups, I have finally got fed up of being lied to and being treated like a fool by these people and groups!

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