A Gray World!

Posted: 17 November, 2012 in Comment, Life, Western World

After this week it has reinforced my view just how gray and unimaginative our modern world has become to a point it crushes those who show any spark of imagination, innovation even individualism. All this helped by system which promotes even encourages this state through the media and so on.

Then these said same people complain that the Western World in general is faltering, stagnant and in trouble which is ironic really as it was their actions, greed and self serving natures which created the world around them in the first place.

Now they struggle to get the mess they created but yet again their lack of imagination, greed and self serving natures stop them actually doing thing different and required to bring the West out of it malaise. So the problem will continue and has done so since the 1990s just different variations of the same problems with no real solution or action taken on anyones part.

What this does mean the Western World has stagnated both Industrially and Culturally to a point people have grown apathetic and tired to a point they just accept the world as they see no way to change it!

We see this stagnation in products we buy and use, the media we watch and consume and in the governments we vote in, or don’t vote in because of apathy, who frankly do the same old things to try to fix the problems but end up just putting off the problem to another day.

Culturally we see the stagnation in the media the Music, Film and TV companies produce for public consumption which lack a real content and a rehash of previous media with nothing new or inspiring again. Taking Hollywood as a prime example whose current output of films consists of remakes of older films, sequels with very few unique and innovative films.

In the end we now live in a gray world which lacks imagination, innovation and even a basic spark of life because we allowed it to happen and if people were not so apathetic, lazy or so self-centered they could actually change it but it is not going to happen.

I wonder just what is needed to change this as it has to be something big and spectacular to shake the Western World out of it’s current apathy until then it is up to the few individuals out there with an imagination, spark of life and innovation to keep fighting and keep the basic spirit of humanity alive until it is need again!


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