Daesh Has Never Been a Real Threat!

Posted: 8 December, 2015 in Comment, Daesh, Life, Western World

By saying Daesh is not the real enemy of the West it sounds as if I am either at variance or regarded as a madman but those of us who have been actually awake really know who is the real threat to the West.

Now you are going to ask me what is the real threat is and I will answer the West itself!

This is because the major governments at the behest of those privileged few, usually the very rich 1% of Western Society, have been using the perceived threat of Daesh of the people made worse by their pet media to consolidate their power over the West at the expense of the people.

This to some may seam the paranoid ramblings of a left wing madman especially the pet media of these people and those people who live in the glorious stupid ignorance under the faint hope if they ignore what is happening will go away.

But those of us who have actually been awake enough to watch what is actually going on and ignoring what the media has been reporting have noticed the slow erosion of our freedoms by Governments all in the name of security. Each time slowly consolidating the power of the 1% on the Western World while ignorant fail to notice what is happening until hopefully it is too late for them to do anything about it.

Though currently it is not only this 1% who are making a bid for power but the real threat to our democracies and the real terrorist threat to the West which is the Extreme Right Wing Parties and their deluded leaders both in the United Kingdom and United States. All using the perceived threat of Daesh to stir up hate for Muslims using this hate to catapult themselves into power at any cost.

These Extreme Right Wing Parties are the real threat to the West as their message of hate always means that innocent will people suffer just because they believe in the wrong religion and due to their colour of their skin.

These said same groups are also the groups who are more likely to do terrorist acts than Daesh but they are conveniently ignored by Governments as their very existence aid their agenda to grab more power from the people they represent. So in the end they turn a blind eye to their actions even blaming Daesh for their actions.

So in the end the real threat to the West is the West itself to be more exact the extreme right wing and that 1% of very rich people both who want to subjugate people all in the effort of power and money.

The biggest irony of this whole situation is that we the people in the West can stop these people in there track by simply standing up to these people as they only have power over the people if we let them as in truth they really not that powerful!

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  1. bendixon89 says:

    Although I agree that western politicians are indeed a major threat to western civilization, you cannot say that threat A is not a problem, because of threat B. this evil “1%” you speak of, happens to employ the bulk of western civilization and is directly responsible for our “privileged” standard of living The media is a substantial issue, it has played into the hands of the powerful more and more over time we know that wealth inequality is at its worse since the day of the great capitalist and monopolies of the late 19th century. There are however, no “ectreme right wing parties” in power, or in a position to gain significant power in the anglo-american world. mainland europe is a different story, as “le front nationale” in france is staged to win by a landslide, Golden dawn essentially rules whats left of Greece, many other European states are in the same boat.A lot of right of center people have been pushed further right by the policies of leftist in the American and British Governments, the media in America has further exasperated the issue by glorifying failed left wing polices, socialism, and demonizing the political right the media and many leftist in general have created a dialogue of ” ALL republicans are Racist/bigots/islamophobic” essentially doing to the right, the wealthy and the whites, what they claim the right is doing to minorities.

    I can tell you, not all republicans are rich old white men ( the “evil” of the world) rich, old, or white! my father who is a conservative republican, was the son of a poor farmer in kentucky when his father died my family was forced into the carnival to feed themselves, he worked his way to graduating at the top of the University of Kentuckys prestigious architecture program. My maternal grandmother is a hispanic (legal) immigrant,and a liberal republican ( if you can imagine such a thing!) My grandfather was an Irish catholic, in a protestant new york suburb ( not a good situation) he himself was a conservative democrat (much like Jim Webb) my mother had to tell people growing up that she was italian, because to be hispanic – you were cuban and part of the cuban crime wave. My mother ( a very much in the center republican until this latest presidency, when race bating, demonization of the right wing, and failed neo-socialistic policies became fashionable she is now a very conservative republican, thanks to Obama and friends divide and conquer strategy) was kicked out of her house at 14, after refusing to marry a sailor my grandmother had met (not uncommon in hispanic culture). she moved to california and worked as a waitress while attending community college She moved to virginia where she met my father and had two kids,she then worked her way through nursing school, graduating with honors I grew up in a run down victorian home in Elizabeth city, NC A childhood friend once described it with the statement ” Gunshots were our lullabies”. watching my parents work ethic, and coming to spirituality on my own, i grew up with a hard work ethic, being a southerner i am an ardent patriot who flies American and Confederate flags. I never really understood racism growing up, i wasnt exposed to it until i joined the army, and was singled out by blacks and hispanics who grew up in the inner cities of chicago, NYC, LA, etc with little interaction with whites – especially patriotic southerners – for being a “nazi” because i flew the southern cross, a symbol of freedom, and southern heritage and culture – and independent,libertarian ideology however, these people had been told their whole lives that the confederate flag was a symbol of religious and racial intolerance and slavery they had been told that republicans, especially from the south were racist, every single one of them.. if thats not stereotyping and prejudice, i dont know what is

    “they wanna put yall in chains”-Vice President Joe Biden ( liberal democrat/ progressive socialist)

    the reason why you think the american and british right are “extreme right wing parties” is because they have in fact, moved farther right they have done so, because socialism has ALWAYS been the most extreme left wing ideology possible, and at times could see you being imprisoned for subversion having lunch with my mother recently she said ” you know, my generation tried to give you guys a little more, so you wouldnt have it as rough as we did. because of it, we created a generation of unappreciative, lazy, socialists.” the Democratic party has a presidential candidate who is a dedicated socialist! so, if you are worried about the right wing, maybe you should look at why it is moving further right, it is the ONLY option for those in the center, or to the right in any capacity. If they choose the republicans, maybe things will go back to the way they were, or at least not get any worse.. if they vote for the democratic party, they welcome in socialism. the democrats, and all leftist bloggers and reporters drone on about the 1%.. then they vote for members of the 1% who are claiming they will ruin the 1%.. right. the 1% IS the government, the only way to solve that, is to downsize the government, lower the wages of senators and other public servants, limit congressional terms as we do the presidency, among other things. socialism is NOT the answer, and is bringing the west to its knees.

    I did enjoy reading your article though, im gonna have to pop in and check out your stuff! thank you for taking the time to read this.. ridiculously long comment haha. you know how it is man, sometimes you just vomit it out.

    • Here in the United Kingdom and even Europe the rise of Extreme Right Wing Parties has always been associated more with economic problems and certain groups taking advantage of those easily lead people who are failing to cope with poor economic situation rather than socialism. It has always been like that and will always be like this as the economic situation here gets better these parties tend to melt away into the background once again.
      Here we do not see Socialism as a bug bear but one side of politics as after all in a democracy all political views have right to be represented even those we do not agree with which myself includes the Extreme Right Wing.
      One thing we do not want to happen is a government which does less but a government which actually represents the people that voted them in in the first place. Our attitude to our government is more European than American in so much we expect our Government to work for us and provide such things as social care, education, defence and so on for our tax monies, As a nation we have no real issues with the Government doing such things and complain bitterly if they do not do their job. Here currently there is a big issue with the government not helping the poorer families by cutting a tax relief which has caused major issues in Parliament and House of Lords.
      I know that issues with government in United States is very different to the issues we have here in the United Kingdom but we do have some common issues which include governments which favour corporations/businesses even the rich 1% over the large majority. Here because we currently have a Conservatives in government so strangely an old issue for us.
      Add to this mixture we now have a Labour Leader, Called Mr Corbyn, who actually is true believer in left-wing politics that is socialism and wants a government which really works for the people not the few. There is a real possibility in the future he could be our Prime Minister as people are getting fed up of the lies of the right here.
      I do appreciate a good discussion so don’t worry if your comments are long as it way things come out at times. 🙂

      • bendixon89 says:

        Good info, and i appreciate the timely and education response. In America we have always regarded socialist parties as the extreme left. Our government was never set up for a socialist system. The way our constitution was written, was in recognition of the fact that the American people needed a government whos primary mechanism of action, was to protect the people, guarantee personal liberties, and override state policies if they violated personal liberties such as freedom of religion, freedom of speech and peaceful protest, the right to bear arms for self defense and defense against oppressive foreign and domestic regimes. Our way of governance and life, came from a desire to separate ourselves from the European way of governance and thought. The colonial atmosphere and colonist rebellion had a lot to do with this obviously, as well as a large base of Scottish and German immigrants, both peoples at that time were very independent and weary of powerful central governments. obviously we agree with helping the poor,and others in need – these are founding principles of Christianity based civilizations like the west. Our founders believed regular revolution was the only way too prevent a large government which intended to make the people serve it, instead of the other way around. this is the reality of it.

        Government is a business, like any business that grows too large, it can manipulate its employees and patrons once it owns the market. that is the danger of socialism. Socialism has never worked, and will continue to fail. Governments work, when they function in the business arena, spawning competition and innovation to keep the people employed. keeping people employed, and keeping the workplace competitive negates the governments need to provide a livelihood for the people. Pure capitalism obviously doesn’t work, then the corporations and “1%” have too much power, this is why the mixed economy has been such a hit. Lets remember something though, the 1% pays more taxes, receives less incentives, and work longer hours than any other group of workers. A millionaire for example, typically works 60+ hours a week for over 30 years. Billionaires work even more on average, these leadership positions also carry with them huge personal financial risk, and the burden of being responsible for the livlihoods of hundreds, thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of people. Are you honestly going to take 50-60%+ of a persons income because they have worked as hard as they could? Because they were smart enough to innovate and likely benefit society in some great way? Its not logical, this way of thinking is why all of our jobs have moved to 3rd world countries. income taxes are higher in Europe – at least they were while i was living and working in France – however, The corporate tax in America is 35%, that doesn’t include payroll tax, social security tax, medicare taxes, etc… why would a man stay and work somewhere if 7 out of every $10 he made was taken from him? welcome to the modern age: Made in China.

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