A Mad World?

Posted: 6 July, 2014 in Comment, Life, Western World

If we totally believe the news being fed to us by the media in the West the world has gone mad and full of the evil of Islamic terrorists and groups who are so powerful the West is threatened by an invasion from the Middle East who will sweep away the Christians and start a new dark age!

But if you actually think about what is happening in the world and actually look back over the full history of humanity and considering over the last 50 years or so we have had peace especially here in Europe we have forgotten the simple fact that the world has always been like this.

One thing humanity seams to be very good at is fighting each other over our history and if we look back the current sectarian war in Iraq really nothing new as some 500 years ago we in Europe were at exactly the same sort of wars between Catholics and Protestants with same effects and loss of innocent lives.

But if we are to believe the media we are heading for a disaster of biblical proportions but you have to wonder why a Christian dominated West especially in United States are painting such a picture of the world?

It simple it is to distract the population from the fact that their own governments and corporations are failing both them and their economy. Add to this they are using the people’s fear to make them more compliant to their needs that is reduce their freedoms and allow the companies to get cheaper labour!

But as always people listen to the media in the West but do not question or actually look into what they are being told. As I said before who needs oppression when the population is so apathetic!

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