Time To Wake Up To Our Toxicity!

Posted: 19 December, 2016 in Comment, Life, Western World

After this morning when Severn Trent sent us two bills both £500+ you have start to wonder just how long do we have to live in a system which allows people to make such mistakes and corporations who are so blind they cannot or even understand the mistakes they make.

It highlighted we live in a world of faceless Corporations who really care so little about their customers, employees and the world around them.

What happened this morning simply should not of happened as the mistake was made 3 years ago and it took them this long to sort it out which has put a very bad taste in my mouth over Christmas.

As I said and will keep saying just when are we going to wake up to the toxic system of Western Society where Corporations constantly ruin lives with their inefficiency even criminal incompetence?

Especially when there are Corporations which get is so right by simply talking to their customers, treating their employees with respect and viewing the world on a human scale!

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