The Modern World: An Easy Place For Haters to Prosper!

Posted: 10 May, 2014 in Comment, Life, Western World

The experience of a friend on Twitter who has some very forthright and strong views got me thinking just how easy haters can attack those who they think are wrong because of the internet itself, along with the fact they can now too easily spread their poisonous views to a lot of people!

Basically the person in question has made in the past a number of what would be called controversial views on various social networks, forums and the such on the internet which have met with some less than mature and well thought out comments some of which have been full of what I would call blind hate to a point of being vile.

As I said this got me thinking in so much if these remarks were made in an environment where people had to discuss thing face to face the whole conversion may get heated but not as extreme as it has got on the internet via social networks.

It struck me these people seam to feel they can let lose with ill thought out, vile and hateful remarks back on the internet in response to such remarks almost as if they cannot get their head around the fact that the other side of the text on the screen there is actual human being with feelings.

Plus what do they think that this behaviour on the internet is acceptable because it is on the internet and it certainly would not be accepted if they were interacting face to face. Clearly even on social networks, forums and the such on the internet such behaviour is not acceptable in any community even a virtual community.

But this also goes hand to hand with our modern world in which our media and governments allow such hate to exist and in some cases even encourage it for their own purposes and needs.

The an example being the Conservative Party here in United Kingdom supported by the press who spread stories about the people who are unemployed being scroungers regardless of the fact the large majority of people who are unemployed lost their jobs because of the Banker backers of the Conservative Party. Hence now once again the unemployed are not helped but stigmatised as scroungers who should be make to suffer because of no fault of their own.

Other examples also include UKIP and blaming immigrants plus Europe for problems here in the United Kingdom to United States media painting all Muslims as terrorists when clearly they are not even those here in the United Kingdom.

What has become very clear to me in our modern world, especially in The West, it has become easier for the hates, in form of Extreme Christians Sects and Right Wing Political Parties, to spread their message supported by a sympathetic media and governments rather than those people who have a more civilized and realistic view of the world whose message is almost suppressed by the said same groups by subtle exclusion!

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