Apple Puts Another Nail into Microsoft’s Coffin!

Posted: 25 October, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Operating System

Apple have surprisingly giving it’s next upgrade of operating system, Maverick, absolutely free!

I know that Apple operating systems have always been cheap but it is still unusual for a big American Corporation to give something for free. It may be on Apple’s part a very cleaver move on their part realising the future direction of the software industry or simply a very good marketing ploy.

Either way it is yet another nail in Microsoft’s Windows 8 coffin in so much now at £100 pounds for Windows 8.1 it makes Windows one of the few domestic operating systems which is now not free. If anything it makes it look expensive especially now with both Apple and Linux operating systems are now free.

Myself I have to start to wonder, even with Microsoft recent increase of profits, just how long Microsoft and other major software writes can really survive in a computer world becoming more dominated by free software and operating systems including Open Source Software!

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