Linux: Driving a Point Home!

Posted: 16 May, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Linux, Operating System

After using Linux for over a year now with a fraction of the problems and issues I had when I used Microsoft Windows other than issues both of my own making and poorly written third party software.

In these years contrary to those within the Computer Industry and those users who have fell for the propaganda within the said Computer Industry I have done exactly the same as I would of done if I had a Windows Computer. If anything I have managed to do more things on my Linux computers which could not of been done in Windows because of the limits Microsoft puts on it’s own operating systems!

I have also fun in these years Linux again contrary to the propaganda from within the Computer Industry is no harder to use or set up than Windows itself as some of the Linux Distributions look remarkably the same as Windows XP or even Apple o/s.

I am and I will continue to drive this point home to people out there as it needs to be done so as this point needs to be continually hammered out to computer users out there especially those users who are not happy with Microsoft Windows 8 and those Windows xp users dreading the upgrade to newer Windows operating systems.

The point being computer users do have a real choice of operating systems out there and the big Computer Companies are denying you the right of this choice by spreading lies and misinformation about alternative operating systems and software!


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