What Does Linux Give Me?

Posted: 29 April, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Linux, Operating System

Simply Linux gives me back both the magic and control back which has been sadly missing with the more mainstream operating systems.

People like myself with the more mainstream computer operating systems have missed the fact we had more control over the operating system, software and desktop we had with the older computing operating systems something Linux gives us back. The one thing modern operating systems, other than Linux, do not allow you to do this, that is to customise them or even have control over the operating system itself.

Linux and it’s ilk gives us back a much missed control and customisation over the computer operating system and the computer itself. Add to this an added satisfaction of actually working with computer on a lower level, creating our own desktops even down to installing your own combination of packages on the computer itself.

Linux is ideal for people like myself hobbyist computer enthusiasts who love to tinker with computer software and computers in general. As the Raspberry Pi success has shown I am not only one be it young or old who have missed tinkering with computers.

  1. Rybird says:

    I would like to see Linux developers bring out some nice audio-visual creativity tools.

    • anthonyvenable110 says:

      Hmm not a bad thing to wish for at all. I have tried to use various video editing programs and it didn’t work very well for me. I tried GUVC viewer, Cheese, open shot and none of them reliably worked, whether on my laptop or a PC that I know has decent specs.

  2. anthonyvenable110 says:

    So true, I ran into Linux a couple years ago and it has been a very rewarding experience for me as a result of it being free and being able to do what I wish with what is mine rather than “renting” something from someone else.

  3. anthonyvenable110 says:

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    I agree with this

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