Showing a Tux to a Butterfly

Posted: 22 May, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Crunchbang Linux, Linux, Operating System

I am at my partner’s parents this week and while here her father watched to me to show him how to install Linux onto an old vista laptop slightly past it windows sell by date. So as it was only Linux I had to hand I went through the installation of Crunchbang 11 on the laptop to which he was impressed just how easy it was to install modern Linux’s now.

If you know Crunchbang Linux you can customise the desktop look and menus I set up the desktop very similar to my current desktop on my own laptop shaggy. This part probably mystified him as it is a lot of editing of text files but the results are always very is satisfying. I also loaded up all the software packages he may need all of which were included bar around two in Crunchbang.

So now I have left him a laptop which looks similar to windows with the usual Linux bent to it which he can explore and find out just how to use Linux in anger or just have an old Windows Vista Laptop which is now usable once again.

But one thing that struck him all the way through was just how usable even a set up Crunchbang Linux was and the fact it used the resources on the Laptop infinity better than Windows Vista ever did. Lets put it this was the Linux sound drivers used the speakers on the said laptop so much better along with number of other bits of hardware.

All this proves is that it takes a gentle push to convert the growing number of dissatisfied Windows users out there towards Linux or someone to show them Linux is not the bugbear both Apple and Microsoft claims it to be!


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