Why Do People Continue to Put Themselves Through Hell?

Posted: 30 April, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Operating System

Once again here my partner’s Windows computer is playing up yet again less than a month after it was reset because of a previous problem. This in turn yet another set of problems which have occurred regularly with her Windows computer some of which have also meant the computer has been reset yet again.

It has got so bad here even my partner is now considering removing Windows of her computers and replacing it with Linux because of the constant problems she has had with Windows xp and Windows 7 on two separate computers. It was much the same reason why I removed Windows off my own three computers.

This got me thinking just why do people continue to put themselves through this hell?

This is regardless of the growing number of people like myself who made the jump to Linux who have found our experience with computers has become less stressful and problematic. Add to this we keep telling everyone and show by example over time Linux gives exactly the same functionality as Windows without the constant problems and with as wide range of software packages.

But because the large majority of computer users are nether given the choice of operating system by the retailers, fell for the propaganda of the Computer Industry itself or sheer plain ignorance or sheep mentality they will continue to put themselves through the hell of windows and Microsoft will continue to produce the poor operating system because of this.

As I have said before it is about time people woke up to what is going on and actually listened to those who use computers with alternative operating systems that there is a real viable choices out there regardless of what the big computer industry corporations are saying as they are blatantly lying to them about the lack of choice!


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