A Thought About Some Americans and Their Guns!

Posted: 8 May, 2014 in Comment, Guns, Life, United States

You have to start and wonder about the mentality of some people who live in a democracy who believe they need a gun to defend themselves against a government that they voted into power themselves!

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  1. That is easy, it’s how we broke free from the King. but why do we still need that right? Two reasons. 1: It is a right and if you forfeit one right, you stand to lose more. and 2. It does work to discourage the type of thing that happened to the Jews, otherwise a dictator has more chance of coming into power and this prevents it. Despite tanks, fighter aircraft and the like, guerrilla warfare is the final frontier of the war and with about 7 guns a person and lots of ammo, any type of complete tyranny is prevented. On a side note, despite bad opinion and polls Obama is getting, or media reports of the structure getting weak, is like saying there is a lose brick on the bridge. We will notice it and it may or may not be repaired, but the bridge is still sound.

    • The only time people should take up arms against it’s own government is when it is oppressing them as in a dictatorship and they have not recourse to change the government unlike in a democracy in which if enough people actually get up and vote they can actually change the people who run their country.
      I have to smile as most of the Eastern Block and even Russia, makes the current it’s situation there even sadder, overthrew their governments largely using people power not the force of arms sadly not always the case.
      As be stated here time after time and proven right time after time here the pen is mightier than the sword. 🙂

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