Putting the Record Straight For the Ignorant of America!

Posted: 2 October, 2015 in Comment, Life, United States

What is really starting to get on my nerves big time is the constant lies and misinformation the so called free press and media of the United States spread about the United Kingdom which is further fed too by the right wing of the United States including the Tea Party Republicans and Bluehand.co.

What lies and misinformation am I talking about?

The stories that the United Kingdom is under Sharia Law, we have no freedom of speech and most comical our media is censured by the government. As a citizen of the United Kingdom who actually lives days to day in the United Kingdom so I have first hand experience of life in modern United Kingdom I can say with my hand in heart that I see no evidence of any of these stories.

Lets start with Sharia Law here in the United Kingdom the only thing which has come up here in the United Kingdom was because we have a large Muslim population that there is talk within government circles and even Church of England, a Christian Church, that some of the principles of Sharia Law should be included in our laws here.

But considering there would be a great opposition here to this not because it is Muslim but because it is a step backwards for the country which if anything due to it multi-cultural and multi-religion nature should if anything be striving to remove such laws from our statute books as they are counter productive to the very nature of our society and rights of freedom of speech.

Add to this the Muslim Council of Great Britain has never asked for Shiria Law to be part of British Law if anything they have always been voices of moderation for the Muslims of the United Kingdom always condemning those with extreme views. In so ways they have shown more loyalty to the United Kingdom and it’s underlying principles of freedom than all the right-wing and anti-Muslim groups here in the United Kingdom.

As for the censorship of the press and media simply does not exist openly or maintained by the government which has to be apparent to even to the most stupidest people outside of the United Kingdom. Considering that we are allowed to still attack our government and it’s policies within the Press and Media without the fear of being locked up unlike other parts of the world sort of gives things away.

The only censorship we get here are by those powerful individuals, like Rupert Murdoch, who use their media empires to paint a picture of a world which reflects their political ambitions which always ends up with a twisted view of the world. Basically, unlike our Government, they have grasped the true power of the media something our governments only wake up to during war and other crisis.

While I am taking of the media I have to remind those stupid people out there that the BBC is a state run television company that is it is run by the British Government itself. Though it has always had a love, hate relationship with the British Government sometimes defying it’s pay masters and running stories which would embarrass the government in power. Though recently they have been more of a lap dog of the Government in so much they have been not printing stories which could be potentially damaging to establishment but considering currently they are fighting for their survival it is not surprising they are not going to upset anyone in government.

Finally we get to the most important thing we here in the United Kingdom still have the right of freedom of speech only tempered by the fact we do not hurt anyone else when exercising it. This is right and proper in a real multi-party representative democracy called the United Kingdom. Our government and establishment may be annoyed that we have this right but they will not remove our rights of free speech as the backlash would be very dangerous indeed for them as no real Britain would take it sitting down. As this basic principle is deeply ingrained into our Culture here in the United Kingdom we as a nation will fight for this right and we have done so in the past.

This may sound native to those people in the United States who are spreading these lies and miss information about the United Kingdom but I do have the advantage I actually live in the United Kingdom and I am smart enough not to take these lies and misinformation on their face value.

In conclusion to those people in the United States who actually believe the lies and misinformation about the United Kingdom might be idea if you rather than just believe what you told and actually get off your asses and researched if this was true.

Just give you a subtle him this citizen of the United Kingdom is getting fed up of theses lies and misinformation and even more fed up of the stupid people who believe them blindly!

As a final word to those who have read this thinking it was an attack on the Untied States and it’s people as a whole as have missed the point as it was an attack on the ignorant of the United States not the enlightened and everyday people of the United States, who like us are trying to just live our lives and make sense out of a world twisted by a media hell bent on twisting the truth for their own ends.

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