This Englishman is Getting Fed Up!

Posted: 8 December, 2015 in Comment, Life, United States

This Englishman is getting fed up with those pig ignorant Americans who spread lies about our country especially Donald Trump who really should know better than spread lies.

Once again I repeat to these pig ignorant Americans we do not have Muslim no go zones in any of our cities here in United Kingdom if anything you not really notice you were in a Muslim area in our cities other than odd Mosque noted more the bad parking around them than seats of extremism.

On top of this we do not live under Sharia Law even the Muslims of the United Kingdom have no plans to live under Sharia Law. If anything our Muslims are very happy to live under our laws and have never demanded our that Parliament put such laws in place.

As I said I am getting fed up of having to repeat myself to these pig ignorant Americans who keep spreading these lies and I dare them to come over to United Kingdom and see really going on here in the United Kingdom.

I suspect they will be very disappointed as they will find a real tolerant Multicultural and Multi-faith society though not perfect as we are fighting the rise of the extreme right wing here. They will find no Muslim enclaves and Mosques only in the major cities here in the United Kingdom on top of which the only people who dress as Muslim are Muslims.

If the likes of Donald Trump keep spreading these lies the issue of few angry Muslims in the Middle East will pale into insignificance by angry Englishman who will do something about these people who keep spreading lies about the United Kingdom.

We as a race to not take such insults to our country sitting down!

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  1. bendixon89 says:

    Donald Trump doesnt represent a large portion of Americans, he is a rabble rouser, and he says what he says because he knows it will get him publicity, and air time. ” all publicity, is good publicity.” they say. what you say, doesnt exactly line up with what my english friends in yorkshire, Leeds, machester, Plymouth, Ivybridge, and london say. I know an englishman whos family has lived in Leeds for hundreds of years, they call it “little Pakistan” and are moving, because the mass influx of muslim immigrants has made it hard to find work, has caused overcrowding, and they have found the muslims to be unfriendly, and at times violent towards the english. Have you spent time in the middle east? Arabs, Pashtuns, Persians ( all muslims) are all renowned bigots. they HATE other ethnic groups and other religions. Im saying this from my first hand experience in afghanistan, Kyrgistan, and Kuwait- as well as first hand accounts of my muslim, christian, jewish, and atheist friends from Afghanistan, Turkey, Aizerbaijan, Pakistan, Iran, Kurdish Syria, Kurdish Iraq, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, and even Arabs from the now defunct Roman slave territory known as “Palestina”. All of whom hate blacks, asians, and the other groups from the region. My close friend Hassan is from Najaf, Iraq… He HATES Americans, from birth! the middle east is NOT a multicultural society. their culture is DIFFERENT. In Afghanistan for example, pedophilia is widespread and considered socially acceptable. When you tell them ” having anal sex with your 8 year old son is wrong” they look at you, like we look at them when they say ” you eat bacon? you satan worshipping piece of shit! you will burn in a lake of fire! thats WRONG!!” Im saying this, because i have seen it with my own eyes, and heard it with my own ears. You claim there areno muslim “enclaves”? so what youre saying is, when that british soldier was killed in a muslim neighborhood in london…. that didnt actually happen? is Britain the one nation in the west where muslims ( or other minorities) dont move into specific neighborhoods? because Paris, Marsailles, Brussels, Berlin, Rome, New york city, Detroit.. all have muslim neighborhoods we might call “enclaves” so… london is different? no its not, maybe its YOU who should stop spreading lies. you and I as writers, must use this gift to inform people, as free of bias as possible. You cant demonize the bias of the media, and then be a part of it. cheers, god bless the UK

    • Indeed Donald Trump is not all Republican Americans but a member of a group of Americans who really do have a twisted view of the world and keep shouting about it!
      Just sighting one case of a man who did not like living in a Pakistani area does not mean this is occurring all over the United Kingdom it certainly is not the large majority of people in this country accept we have immigrants here strangely currently the most visible ones being the Eastern Europeans as for Indians, Pakistani, Bangladeshi even West Indian have been here for over 50 years. In actual fact we have been living with Muslims foe decades with no issues.
      Just sighting Muslim enclaves any ware is very unfair if you had noticed it is a common practice of all immigrants be they Hindu, Chinese even Jewish and it has always happened and will always happen even the British do it when they live abroad. There is nothing sinter about enclaves or neighbourhoods and none in this country have ever been Police no go zones. It is only made sinister by those who want to cause issues!
      As for the poor British Soldier at no point did I say we are perfect a large majority of time here cultures and religions get on but due to tensions around the world caused by those ignorant who want racial trouble it unwelcome spills over on to our streets. Plus there are always those within every society who are incapable of living with other races on all side, mark my words here all sides!
      Once again rather than just following a media which currently painting a twisted picture of the world for newspaper sales actually come over here and see it for real as yo rather be disappointed you not find normal England a hot bed of racial or religious tension but a group of people trying to live normal live!

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