True Friends: A Phoenix from the flames of Anybeat’s Demise?

Posted: 18 September, 2012 in Computer, True Friends, World Wide Web

After the demise of Anybeat a lot of the old members decided to go to Facebook and try to keep up the old spirit of the old Anybeat Social Web site in the impersonal world of Facebook. It sort of worked but as always with all that goes with Facebook the old feeling of Anybeat was lost but luckily not forever.

As one of the old Anybeater’s off their own back decided to create a small and more personal social web site called True Friends and invited the few people from Anybeat on Facebook to join, Sadly not all took up the invitation but to be frank they have ended up the losers.

I am not saying that True Friends is another Anybeat as that would be two much to expect but it like Anybeat it is a unique Social Web Site who unlike the larger social web sites, for example Facebook and Google+, has a personal touch sadly lacking in the larger social web sites.

True Friends is never going to be biggest social web site in the world but it has something the rest do not have a real community of people something sadly lacking in this modern world of ours. I would recommend it to those people out there who wanted to talk to real people and real things but I would not recommend it to those who just want to dip their toes in the world of social web sites.

So if you are game and want a real social experience just follow the link:

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