True Friends: One Pointer to the Future of Social Networks

Posted: 3 January, 2013 in Computer, True Friends, World Wide Web

One thing the small social private network True Friends has shown me and others is that it is not the size of the social network but the people who make up a social network which make the social network itself.

It strikes me that the major social networks, for example Facebook and Twitter, have forgotten this singular fact and it shows in their social networks which tend now to be very bland and empty with little real feeling behind them. You might say they are not very clinical in what they do to a point it has destroyed their original proposes as social web sites.

My personal view is that Mark Zuckerbug has got the basic nature of social networks and way people interact socially totally wrong from the start. Basically people do not want public lives played on the internet on the likes of Facebook but to find new friends and communities there something lacking in so called in the real world around them.

What the likes of True Friends shows is the direction of social networks should follow this patten of way people actually socialise in so much we form small communities of people with similar interests or complement each other which interact in a more real and personal level providing a much needed community, be it on-line, people need.

I know I have said this before especially with relation with Second Life but from personal experience and observation of the people around me it is exactly what people need are not big impersonal social networks but smaller more personal social networks which reflects the way people actually socialise.

True Friends shows the way social networks should develop in the future in so much in smaller more personal networks and the developers of such networks should concentrate on the tools which allow the creation of these smaller social networks and allow the interaction between these smaller networks themselves.


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