True Friends: Small is Beautiful!

Posted: 14 October, 2012 in Computer, True Friends, World Wide Web

I know I have blogged about before praising it’s benefits but I thought it needed another mention as it as a social web site is worth the effort.

True Friends still is a small but very active and vibrate private social network open to all those who are brave enough to venture there. It’s whole nature encourages a real on-line community of people something which we all need in this impersonal and isolating modern world of ours.

It fills a much needed gap not filled by major social networks like Facebook and Twitter which both due to their size and nature have lost some of their sparkle and ability to actually be true social web sites. In both cases both Facebook and Twitter have allowed their own greed and corporate natures influence their networks much to their own and users detriments.

Personally I do not see the future of real Social Networks in the likes of Facebook or Twitter but in smaller and more personal Social Networks which serve their users far better. It’s a basic fact that people cope with smaller communities far better and enjoy them more than the large faceless communities in which they are small fish in impersonal sea of people.

For those who want to check out or plunge into a real Social Network just follow the link to

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