Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCVIII

Posted: 4 August, 2013 in Journal, Life

It has not been a good week for everyone here including the dogs as it one of those weeks best forgotten by all.

The major problem being for over a week we’ve not had a working phone or broadband due to the recent weather which managed to damage the phone line into our house. This followed by a week waiting and fighting with British Telecom to get the line fixed in a reasonable time which frankly through the whole process were difficult to get to fix the line even convince them the problem was their end. Sadly this is the modern way of dealing with companies here in United Kingdom who always assume it is the customers fault which frankly stinks full stop!

But in the end we finally found a British Telecom Technician who knew what he was doing who found and fixed the problem so there are people out there who actually help the customers.

All this would have been just an annoyance as my partner could of coped with the isolation the lack of telephone and broadband but due to the actions of my one Brother who managed to make an already difficult situation even worse due to what can be described both childish and inappropriate actions.

The upshot of which he has accused one of our dogs, Ollie, of biting him which strangely resulted in two what I would call teeth marks on top of a hand. All his own fault as he met Ollie for the first time and rather than hold back he bent down and put his hand towards the dog which meant his hand met Ollie’s canines which are sharp so all his own fault. This followed by over reaction on his part which included kicking Ollie in the direction of an open gate and road.

This has ended up with near fight between my partner and my brother which I had to part them before my brother got hurt by my partner who was fuming because of my brother’s reaction. All this I really did not need so it has had one positive outcome in so much it has spurned us to look seriously moving out of the house to somewhere where we can feel more at home without the constant interference from my brothers.

So in the end a week I rather not gone through with some fallout still to come because of it. All not made better by constant incompetence of a manager at work who still cannot get the shifts right putting me on shifts which frankly both waste mine and companies time!


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