Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCIX

Posted: 13 August, 2013 in Journal, Life

After a week best forgotten for a number reasons we finally have a real hope of escaping our current situation at home to restart our lives elsewhere anew. This something myself and partner have needed to do in a long time and not had way of doing so because of our situation.

This has been a great relief to myself as it means I can continue to get better away from the poisoned situation I find myself in both at home and work which strangely already have a good effect on me as my mood feels better than it has been in a long time. All helps as it feels like end of era both at home and work all helped by the fact we are slowly packing the house away.

This fresh start does involve us moving south here in United Kingdom to near my partner’s parents and to a place I used to live so I have the possibility of hooking up with old friends who have been long missed by myself.

All this helped by I am now looking forward to the move as it will be to new place to live and a new place to work hopefully outside of retail and most definitely not with the current company I work with as I get the feeling due to some poor business decisions it has made may not be here too long in it’s present form. That is a good time to leave the company!

So the end of this year brings both new hope and problems to my life all much needed by myself.


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