The Madness of Religion!

Posted: 23 November, 2015 in Comment, Life, religion

With the world wide and domestic events surrounding a large majority of established religions is really not showing itself in a good light if anything showing it’s own madness and remoteness from the modern world.

These events include the rise of Deash in the Middle East, rise of Christian Extremists within the Republican Party in the United States and finally the banning of the Lords Prayer in British Cinemas. Add to this the rise of the extreme right in the West on the back of a Anti-Muslim sentiments which adds to the mixture.

If anything for people like myself an Agnostic Atheist it sort of confirms the fact that established religion has once again become the woe and source of conflict across the world especially between Christians, Muslims, Jews and their various sects.

All this conflict over an idea which may or may not be true and a matter of belief in something whose existence is under question by a growing proportion of the population of the Western World. Frankly it is a madness in which people are dying every day just because they believe in the wrong mystical entity or even believe in this mystical entity in the wrong way.

It has come to a point people like me who are outside of this conflict to bang the heads of the protagonists together and point out they should really start to think about what they are doing is really worth the blood shed?

It has come to this that Agnostics and Atheists can see what the established religions are doing is wrong while the established religions seem blind to the fact made all more ironic as each of the established religion claims to be a religion of peace. Though from where I stand all the established religions in question, including Christians, have become religions of conflict who encourage their followers to kill or hurt anyone who does not believe.

And these establish religions have the cheek to say people like myself are evil!

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