Does Religion Mean You Have to Lose Your Sense of Humour?

Posted: 13 December, 2013 in Comment, Life, religion

It has struck me that a large majority of people who find religion, especially Christianity and Islam, lose their sense of humour and even worse a real perspective of life and people around them. It is as if the finding their religion it pushes out their sense of humour.

I say this as if you dare to poke fun, especially a Christian and Muslim, they fail to see the funny side of the remark and seam to perceive it as an attack on both their personal belief or religion itself. I am talking of those remarks which poke fun at them not those remarks which are blatantly meant to be offensive and hurtful.

But they are always the first to make fun of anyone who does not believe in their religion even be blatantly offensive and derogatory to these people. I have always found this a real failing in such people and an insecurity in their own believe, e.g. they are trying too hard to believe. After all a true believer would see the funny side of such remarks and shrug off the offensive remarks.

Though what I have just said does not apply to all religions but those based within the West as Eastern cultures seam to have a far more relaxed and even more mature reaction to someone poking fun at their religions.

Myself being an Agnostic Atheist living here in the United Kingdom enjoy very little remarks be they good or bad so I count my small blessings here.

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal journal of mine just follow the link to Acta Spiritu Amisso.

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