The Joke of Western Capitalism!

Posted: 20 September, 2016 in Capitalism, Comment, Life

An article about Apple got me thinking what is just wrong with Western Capitalism in so much it benefits the few at the expense of the many being the major one.

The other being Western Capitalism believes big is beautiful to a point it stifles the smaller enterprises even eats them up before they can reach their full potential. So what we are left with is a Capitalist society run by few big corporations with few real choices of what we buy and little or no innovation or even risk.

It time those who do business in the Western Capitalism wake up before it too late as if things keep on as they are their own system will collapse under the wait of stagnation and apathy.

It would be a good idea if they took heed of the Roman Empire which collapsed because they stopped moving forward socially, culturally and technological wise. It simply got too comfortable, took no ricks and stopped moving forward.

We in the West should be mindful not to fall into the same trap as the Roman Empire as even the West cannot live for ever but it would have a better change if it changed, innovates and looks forward.

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