It’s Time!

Posted: 28 June, 2017 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

Time we really started to change the way the United Kingdom is run!

It is time to make both Parliament and its Establishment more answerable to the all the people from poor to rich!

It is time to stop Corporations and Super Rich from dominating the government and have a government which serves everyone!

It is time finally to break the strangle the hold of a small rich elite who believe they have a right to rule this country as their time has long gone even if this means the Queen and House of Lords have to be removed!

We are not the country this small rich elite think it is any more as the people have moved on and left them behind. We are now, regardless of the small right-wing nationalists think, have become a European and multicultural country which wants to be real world player!

It is time we the people took back control of the United Kingdom!

It is time for people of United Kingdom to speak out and stop being so British!

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