Britain: The Place I Am Starting to Hate!

Posted: 28 June, 2017 in Comment, Life, United Kingdom

You get to a point living in the modern United Kingdom why are you still living here when people around you just close their eyes to what is happening in this country!

That is rich grow richer on the backs of the majority who are been subtlety subjected by a government which is openly in the pay of the rich elite.

All done by making both Middle and Working Classes poorer by making a living more expensive proposition by paying them less and making them pay for services which the government should supply for example Education, Social Care and most of all Health Care.

And what do I see from people around me?

Nothing save a few moans about how hard things getting, the government is rubbish and the political parties are all the same.

But do they do anything to change it?

The answer is no as they seam very happy just allow the current government in Whitehall slowly take their freedoms away and allow the rich to get richer at their expense.

I never really liked my country as it never really been good to me and for most of my life because I dared to voice opinions and views which do not fit everyone else’s views I have been ostracised and put down by my peers because of it.

I am now starting to hate the United Kingdom and it’s people with a passion as all I see now is a country full colourless and grey people who rather look backwards and moan about what is going on rather than look forward with hope.

I want to live in a United Kingdom with people whose eyes are open who look forward to the future and actually have a passion for life where interesting things happen.

I want to live in a Britain where there is a community, humanity and people who are actually sociable to each other.

I want to live in a Britain where we lead the world both in science, technology and the arts and not treat these people with fear and disrespect but encourage them.

The only thing that now keep me here in the United Kingdom is every few while in Britain surfaces the feeling there is hope that things will get better.

Plus I am tired and because of this country it is making me lethargic and despondent so much so I am also full of despair most of the time!

Finally I do not want to live in a country with people who just close their eyes to what is wrong with the country. As by doing so they make themselves no better than the people who are committing the wrongs in this country as they could of done or said something but did not just looked away and just allowed it to continue!

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