It has been a long hard journey to find a Linux which would work with the Lenovo Ideapad hardware but after weeks actual usage of the Linux it looks like I have found a stable and very usable Linux called Fuduntu.

Unlike Crunchbang Linux Fuduntu it is most definitely a Linux which can be used out of the box with little and no modification from the user themselves. Add to this the fact the desktop is very close to Windows including features like desktop short cuts and start like menu it would be very quick for a Window User to learn how to get around it.

What I like about Fuduntu is that they avoided the use of full Gnome 3 and Unity Desktops opting for much more user friendly desktop which is a nice mixture of the best of both Apple and Microsoft Desktops. In so much Fuduntu has resisted the temptation to modifying their desktop on a whim of a developer who thought it was an good idea at the time and taken the traditional user in to account.

On top of this add the fact that Fuduntu itself is a combination of two other Linuxes Ubuntu and Fedora which makes it a very usable Linux with the best of both Linuxes, best of two worlds.

I would really would recommend Fuduntu to those Microsoft Window users who would like to venture into the Linux without much relearning or culture shock due to the change. Add to this it ease of installation and set up after the installation especially with a very familiar desktop layout and menus.

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