Rediscovering the Joys of Second Life

Posted: 14 August, 2012 in Computer, Journey, Second Life, Virtual World

After a year of suffering very poor graphics, low frame rates and very poor response on Second Life all because of a computer and operating system which frankly could not cope with the job full stop last night I enjoyed a wonderful experience of a stable, fast response and wonderful time within Second Life.

It was a joy after the last year and all I have essentially done is change the processor, operating system and viewer which have resulted in a better experience of Second Life. I basically changed from an AMD to an Intel processor, replaced the Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit operating system with Crunchbang Linux 64-bit operating system and the Phoenix with the Singularity Second Life viewer. All these changes have meant my experience within Second Life has improved 10 fold to a point I am now enjoying going into Second Life again.

I would also point out here the hardware basically has not been changed just the operating system!

Personally I would recommend that people do the same or at least ditch the Microsoft Windows operating system as what has come out of this whole thing is the fact that Windows as an operating system uses the hardware within a computer very poorly to a point it ruins whole experience of Second Life via whatever viewer used!

Now I actually feel like and can explore the wonders of Second Life something I have not been able to do in over year!

Please Note: If want to view my Second Life Journal then go to the Journal of a Spectral Traveller.

Please Note: If want to view a Second Life Wikipedia then go to the Encyclopedia Umbra Machina.


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