Anybeat: A Bright Light in the Darkness!

Posted: 22 May, 2012 in Anybeat, Computer, World Wide Web

Today Anybeat closes but not under a cloud of sadness but as a great testament to it’s founders who created an on-line community which will survive it’s closure and beyond.

Those of us who found Anybeat have found it to be a rare social networks which actually encouraged it’s members to socialize in a real way on real subjects unlike the large majority of other social networks on the internet which discouraged such interaction between it members. The biggest example being Twitter’s open suppression of #athiestrollcore tag just in case it offending it more sensitive Christian members.

But this singular fact made Anybeat into a real living on-line community which was both very vibrant, entertaining and innovative something which now rarely exists in the so called real world, a community so strong that it will exist even after Anybeat has gone. It felt like an on-line home from home to a large majority of it’s members who felt very comfortable to express and argue their opinions without judgement and prejudiced shown in the rest of the world.

What Anybeat has shown is that people of this Earth of ours actually want back are the real communities which have sadly been lost because of our modern world and living. It has also shown where the major on-line social networks, for example Facebook, MySpace, Google+ and even Twitter, have gone wrong in so much they have singularly failed to encourage a sense of community but focused on themselves not the users which have created by shallow and empty social networks, more an accessory than an actual social network.

I know Anybeat in it’s short life time has touched more people in a more profound way than any other such social network and it’s effects will be felt for a long time in the on-line social network world as it has shown they way on-line social networks should go. It will not be forgotten especially by those who were brave enough to take the journey on Anybeat.

In conclusion today should not be a day of sadness but a day of celebration of what Anybeat and it’s founders have created a vibrant, living and intellectual on-line community which both the founders and members of Anybeat should be very proud of. An on-line community which will grow and develop outside of Anybeat a real testament for all of us involved.

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