Atheists: The God Haters!

Posted: 24 February, 2012 in Atheistism, Comment, Life

Over the last few day I have been following a tag called #atheistrollcall which started because Twitter will not trend anything which is linked to Atheism and the such. In itself is very wrong and owners of Twitter should really rethink their policy as it is discriminatory in nature.

But what has come out from this tag on Twitter a lot of misconceptions and extreme views of Atheists so of which do not do both Atheist and Non-Atheist any justice or shows them in the best light.

The biggest misconception being the fact that Atheists are god hating and intolerant of anyone who believes in God be it Christian, Jewish or Muslim. I will admit there are some Atheists who do hate anyone who believes in God for various reasons but the large majority of Atheists do not actually dislike and very tolerant of those who choose to believe in God.

I tend to think people forget that Atheism like Religion is a personal choice of a philosophy and view of the world. Something we all have the right to choose regardless of the pressures brought upon us both by Religions, fellow Atheists and others.

I believe in my heart everyone has to make their own choice be it believing in God or not as in the end we have to live with our choice and be prepared to stand by it..

The second major misconception made about Atheists is the fact they hate Christians, Jews and Muslims as people which is simply not true. The truth it most Atheists do hate the established churches created by the Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions themselves who have always put their own political ambitions and wealth before their actual believes and members of their members.

This has among Atheists breed a great resentment of Established Churches who have openly abused their power and position over last millennia both within Europe and beyond. These same Churches openly attack anyone, including Atheists, even now in this so called modern enlightened world to a point of killing non-believers!

All these Churches preach a sort of tolerance as long as you believe in them not the religion in question actually says in it’s scriptures which both for Christianity and Muslim which actually does say that their believers are meant to be tolerant of everyone. This being biggest hypocrisy of the established Churches!

In conclusion what I am saying not all Atheists are God haters the large majority show much more tolerance and understanding than a large minority of both Christians and Muslins out there!

A final point is I’m not a true Atheist but what is called Agnostic Atheists as my views sort of fit between the two.

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