In with a Crunchbang!

Posted: 27 July, 2011 in Computer, Crunchbang Linux, Linux, Operating System

After a lot of messing around with various Linux distributions on my old 10 year old PC mostly because I’m being my usual self exploring and trying things out I finally stumbled upon a British Linux distribution called Crunchbang.

Much like Bodhi Linux it is a light weight Linux distribution which uses a desktop front end called openbox rather than Enlightenment 17. In addition like Bodhi Linux it uses very few resources on the computer so it means the whole Linux runs very quickly on both newer and older computers which frankly is a pleasure after Microsoft Windows and other more heavier Linux distributions on the same said computers.

Crunchbang Linux, like Bodhi Linux, has a highly customizable desktop which a user can, with a bit of knowledge, come up with a desktop they can use and feel very comfortable with indeed. If anything Crunchbang Linux is far more easier to customize the desktop than Bodhi Linux in so much all the tools you need are included from the start off the main menu on the desktop itself and if anything a lot easier to use than in Bodhi Linux. If anything Crunchbang Linux is far more intuitive to use than Bodhi Linux once you have got used to the fact that it’s a bare essential Linux in so much customization involves nothing more than the editing of text configuration files.

Though like Bodhi Linux you really need a good knowledge of Linux itself and computers in general to use Crunchbang as it’s initially looking at Crunchbang out of the box as it were is very daunting indeed. This is not helped by poorly maintained documentation on the Crunchbang Linux web site itself so I would not recommend it to anyone just starting off with Linux. It is definitely a Techie/Geek Linux which suits me down to the ground though saying that it is still a very usable Linux by so called normal users once a desktop has been set up.

In conclusion Crunchbang Linux much like Bodhi Linux with a bit of knowledge and knowhow you can come up with some eye candy of desktops to please the geeks out there in land of the Internet or just plainly create usable desktops for so called normal users. Despite this it is still a very usable Linux distribution which I would recommended like Bodhi Linux.

Please note: If  want to see my second life journal then go to the Journal of a Spectral Traveller.

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