One film which has a profound effect on my life because of what it actually deals with is ‘The Wall’ by Pink Floyd.

The first time I saw the film when I was at University after which I was in floods of tears sitting at a bar in a pub with a friend not quite knowing what to do at the time. This was some 20 years before I realised that I was suffering from depression even than.

Why did ‘The Wall’ have this effect on me?

If people have not seen the film, The Wall is a cinematic and musical journey through a man’s personal depression from it’s origins in his childhood to the final point it finally sends him into madness. On the way the film shows it’s effects on him, his loved ones, his relationship with others and the nihilistic attitude to his life which he destroys totally in the end!

In all this ‘The Wall’ is the mental wall we depressives build to protect ourselves from the world a little too well which causes lot of our problems!

Even if you do not suffer from depression I recommend you at least see the film ‘The Wall’ by Pink Floyd at least once as it gives an idea of what someone with depression goes through in their lives, if a particularity extreme example, and how someone with depression got to that position in the first place.

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