Portraits of a Multiverse Part LXXXVI

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Of a Multiverse:

…He felt the anger rise in his chest like a ball of fire after he talked to Hanson who simpered before him after giving him a message from that dam Will Worker. Sometimes his servants were so sycophantic it was so annoying to a point he wanted to kill them for their lack of backbone.

He closed his eyes and composed himself fighting down the anger as after all he was a Prince and had to be rock in these hard times.

He opened his eyes and looked at Hanson and he continued in a level tone, ‘He said what?’…

Portraits of a Multiverse Part LXXXV

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Of a Multiverse:

…it had been a long night in the Library for her as she rubbed her eyes out of fatigue. The words on the books page were starting to get blurry and she took this as a sign to stop for the tonight.

It would be dawn and time she made her way home anyway as the sun would not do her any good. All this for the Prince to find out about that dam will worker…


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