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Microsoft is Losing it!

Posted: 17 August, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Microsoft

Microsoft’s current battle with Google over their YouTube application which simply broke Google rules over applications make even more comical that Microsoft are accusing Google of not being open enough to allow Microsoft to write the applications their way.

All this regardless of the fact that all other companies who write applications for Google are very happy to follow the rules Google lays down for application creation with little or no problems.

So why does Microsoft think it is special case in the first place?

One again it shows the sheer arrogance of Microsoft who still believe they are above the rules even with the biggest internet company in the world Google. All made worse by Microsoft’s pathetic machinations that Google is making it impossible to work with them all made even more ironic as Microsoft used such tactics in the past to destroy their competitors. But unlike Google who have not needed to bend the rules in Microsoft’s case Microsoft did bend and chance the rules to destroy their competitors!

Microsoft’s complaints are falling on deaf ears both in Google and beyond as people have long memories so have little real sympathy over their plight as Microsoft’s past action has finally caught up with them.

The most apt sayings for Microsoft’s situation is ‘Those who use the Sword will die by the Sword’ and ‘You reap what you sow’!

Of cause this whole situation has been aggravated by the fact Microsoft’s operating system on their tablets simply cannot cope with the world wide standard of HTML5. Once again Microsoft’s arrogance and high handed views of world wide standards has sown the seeds of their own problems.

This fact that Microsoft’s tablet operating systems cannot cope with HTML5 does not bode well for them as now HTML5 and CSS3 are now started to be widely used on web pages which means potentially Microsoft’s tablets could have major problems with large number of web pages on the internet something users will not thank Microsoft for!

Once again this shows Microsoft is having real problem finding it way and identity in the modern computer world to a point less people both inside and outside of the industry are starting to question Microsoft’s dominance even if it products are really needed of fit in with their needs.

This week a BBC story has claimed that Microsoft have put in a whole series of back doors within Skype so the NSA based in United States via PRISM can spy on everyone using Skype all under the pretence by the NSA they are spying on potential terrorists.

But with previous reputation of the NSA even within the United States few people believe the NSA as they have the reputation of spying on everyone regardless if they are a terrorist or not plus unlike the European Intelligence Services they are poorly regulated and controlled by United States government while European Intelligence Services have to work within a structured set of laws and rules or directly answer to the law if they do not.

By doing this Microsoft regardless of the excuse they were compelled by law to do so have broken a fundamental trust between the user and itself by allowing a third party to eavesdrop on private conversation and potentially have broken a large number of privacy laws both in the United States and Europe.

Add to this the fact they have allowed this to happen they have given more ammunition to the Linux and Open Source camp within Europe and it’s governments to remove Microsoft computers from both their government departments and beyond. After all Europe, including the United Kingdom, do not take kindly to the United States spying on them as they are supposed to be allies not enemies as after all you tend to spy on enemies not allies as it shows a distrust of your allies.

I think after these revaluations this week about Microsoft a lot of people like myself must be starting to wonder if Microsoft software in it’s present form should be allowed to be sold or used outside of the United States as it very presence does break so many privacy and potentially freedom of speech rights in large parts of the free world!

Plus I think it is time we outside of the United States have to start to question the United States Federal Government’s actions spying on foreign nationals within both the United Kingdom and Europe as it strikes me and others like me as attack on our freedoms by a country which claims to be the bastion of freedom and freedom of speech.

After all why is the United States spying on it Allies?

As a final note I and others know already our own governments within United Kingdom and Europe are monitoring the internet and the such but unlike the United States we trust them more as they have been doing for decades to fight the active terrorist here plus they have far more governmental control here and doing it for the right reasons to keep our societies safe from terrorist attack!

Finally the Microsoft’s Surface appeared in the Computer Store I worked in some months after it’s release here in the United Kingdom. It was welcomed by a lot of people who worked there with usual ohs and ahas as all new products arrive in store. But soon became oh yet another tablet for us to sell as it frankly was nothing special in the end.

My personal opinion the appearance of the Microsoft’s Surface in our store is far too late to capture big sales or cause an impact as both Apple and Android tablets who have already got the tablet market nearly sown up already so it is going to take something special to change that. Frankly the Microsoft’s Surface really has not got it to stand out from the crowd after all everyone already seen Windows 8 on computers and not been welcomed with open arms by all users.

In the end Microsoft’s Surface is just going to be yet another tablet in already saturated market with nothing to make it stand out. It would of helped if Microsoft had released the Surface earlier in the United Kingdom especially before Christmas when it might of made inroads into the Tablet market.

It strikes me that even within the IT Industry itself there is a growing frustration with Microsoft especially with it’s last release Windows 8 which has had a very indifferent reception from both users and industry alike. If anything a lot of people have been very disappointed by Windows 8 with a large number of reviewers openly slating Windows 8 even with a number of major gaming companies and hardware manufactures now are seriously looking into alternatives to Microsoft Windows machines.

I think the source of frustration is the fact since Microsoft released Windows xp Microsoft have not produced an operating system which has been a true improvement. I think I am not only one who must of noticed that to run newer Microsoft operating systems you need more basic resources, including ram, just to run them.

Add to this the disaster of Windows Vista and complete breaking of their own rules with Windows 8 I sense there is a real frustration with Microsoft which simply failed to improved their operating system since Windows xp in real terms.

While other major companies move forward with new technologies and ideas Microsoft seams to be in terrible malaise of it’s own making out of which it simply fails to light up the world any more as it did in it’s early days. The evidence of it’s own internal troubles come from the resignations of number of it’s high level executives end of last year along with constant stories coming out of Microsoft about major problems with it’s own internal corporate troubles both of which have muted Microsoft as an innovator and leader in the IT Industry.

Some of us remember when Microsoft was the first real leader and innovator of Personal Computers in so much they created an operating system which made computers accessible to wider range of users. They did help to create the first Personal Computers.

But that is not the Microsoft of today which is more of a Corporate Giant who will keep its domination at any cost including at the expense of it’s innovative nature so now Microsoft is far from a leading light in IT Industry and if anything starting to look very old fashioned and backwards looking.

Personally Microsoft should wake up and strive to regain the life it had in it’s early days because if it does not the growing frustration with Microsoft will turn to people starting to turn away from Microsoft and look for viable alternatives!