Chronicles of a Steam Powered Storyteller Part CI

Posted: 21 September, 2019 in Journal, Life

Life goes on at its slow pace my end not helped by the fact that I am constantly tired and I am still fighting the general disinterest in life caused by what I am going through. Though now the Psychologist’s appointments are slowing working their magic again much as last time I had talking therapy when I decided to do something about my depression for the first time. Things are starting to slowly change for the better in my own head and I am going to a better place there.

One of the break thorough is the fact I am not fearful of death any more but now I feel a great sadness that I will have to face death. This to some people will sound very morbid but after the brush with death last year with the tumour I suspect that most people in my position change their attitude to death. It is something I have to reconcile in my head as to cope with the fact you are mortal you have to accept death and you cannot live in constant fear of it. As I said before living in fear is not a good place to live as it eats you away and it dominates your life so much you forget you have a life to live.

The other is I am making an effort to start to rebuild my life together in small ways at the moment it will just spending time watching television, reading books and attending a role-playing group once a week. All sound small and insignificant things to do. But after what I have been through they are big steps towards getting a life again not dominated by the tumour/cancer.

There is a strange irony to all this the tumour/cancer may have been enough of a wake up call to actually do something to change my life for real something long overdue. As always it takes something traumatic to get us to do something about the rut we find ourselves in!

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