Chronicles of a Steam Powered Storyteller Part XCVIII

Posted: 12 August, 2019 in Journal, Life

Another weeks starts with the constant battle against my Chemotherapy making feel ill and getting me down because of its effects it is having on me both physically and mentally. Also a battle with those around me who see someone who is well on the outside who needs understanding about their situation not sympathy as they seam to think. Frankly sympathy does little to improve my situation but understanding helps as it eases it as it highlights why I need some leeway in my everyday activities.

This last part is a battle I do not want to fight as I cannot afford the energy and time wasted on things which frankly people should know already. But as always fear of my situation clouds their reactions to my situation. Much like mental health, cancer is simply not talked about because people still think they can catch it if they talk about it. I find this attitude disturbing and saddening as by avoiding and not talking about these subjects makes people’s situations worse on both sides.

There I am expecting adult and mature reactions from people around me as just because I have had to accepted my situation and facing up to it the best I can. I have to telling myself not every is like myself and each person reacts differently to my situation. It is a fault of mine as if I can cope I question just why other people cannot cope?

This is going to be a constant theme of my life from now on coping with every scare my tumour will or could throw at me and not allowing it to blight what I have left of my life. At some points like now I will become obsessed with my situation and health especially when I am going through treatment to stop my tumour coming back. It is something which is perfectly natural and all part of being a Human Being.

One positive thing is that all through this I am getting stronger mentally and coping remarkably well considering this time last year I could of bled to death if my partner had not bullied me to go to Hospital. I now worry less about death and worry more about not living a life a change of attitude which bodes well for my future. Each day I amaze myself the fact I am alive and still functioning.

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