Chronicles of a Steam Powered Storyteller Part XCII

Posted: 4 June, 2019 in Journal, Life

Last week I got good news that my first 6 month CT scan was clear and the tumour I had removed October last year has not returned. Though I still have 2½ years of Chemotherapy to go before I am sure that my tumour has finally gone. But at least things look hopeful and makes the constant fatigue and lack of stamina caused by the Chemotherapy all worth it.

It sort of gives me hope for the future though I am still fighting the urge just to give up because of the tumour itself. After all when I finally started the Chemotherapy the whole effect the tumour could have had on my life hit home big time. It is something I cannot get out of my head and it is making it difficult to be to move and make plans for the future.

I have finally the Phycologist help I need at the end of next month so hopefully can got through the barriers the tumour has put up against myself not moving on or seeing that I have a real future. At the moment it really feels like my life is standing still with the tumour really colouring my view of my world around me.

What does not help is the fact the constant fatigue of the Chemotherapy is getting me down as I ware myself at work so I do not have energy to do anything outside of work. I am trapped in a job which just pays enough to live but I have to work over 30 hours a week to get it so I cannot cut down my hours without causing major financial issues at home. It is my own catch 22 which at the moment I see no way out.

My work/life balance has gone for a Burton at a point I need to be more focused on my life and getting better. It not a real life for me at the moment but an existence which serves everyone else but myself.

I am going to have to really think what I want to do as this cannot continue as it is likely to make me ill again.

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