Chronicles of a Steam Powered Storyteller Part LXXVI

Posted: 8 December, 2018 in Journal, Life

It has been a life changing week for me though I am not surprised by this as I knew it was coming for over a month. Two days ago I had the results of the Biopsy on the tumour which was taken out of me around a month ago.

It was what the surgeon said in the first place it was a GIST on my small intestine but it was bigger than expected some 6 inches long and big enough to take up a significant part of my abdomen. It now explains why in the last two years I have had constant issues with my stomach including pains and digestion problems which strangely gone away since it has been gone.

The life changing thing about this whole situation there is a 90% chance that it will return even that it has all been removed from myself so I have to look forward too a life punctuated with visits to the hospital and living with a cancer. Though this sounds really bad the good point is the treatment of the cancer is easier than most and it is not a fatal cancer as such.

But you can imagine that the my situation hit home big time yesterday as the fact I now have to live with the fact I have to live with a cancer for the rest of my life. This prospect initially scared me and made me feel that someone had pulled the rug from under me to a point I was very tearful yesterday.

It is one of those times I need to dig deep within myself as the form of cancer I have may be a pain and mean I may have to change some aspects of my life but it will not mean I have to give up living to it. I can still make plans for the future and continue to grow as a person strangely it may even help me with this as it highlights the fact we need to live everyday.

As I cannot do anything about what has happened and it was not responsible for it there is not real point worrying about it and not to allow it dominate my life so much that I forget I can still live a normal life and I will still enjoy many years to come before I leave this mortal coil.

I know in the years to come I will go through big downs because of the cancer’s effects but I know I can survive such downs because I have had to live through them in the past because of my depression and each down will make me stronger. I also know there will be big ups in years to come which there will be more of as not all my time will be taken up fighting the Cancer.

So at the moment I am thinking about my future and how to tell some people close to me that I have Cancer as some will not take it well and they will look at the dark side of my position something I do not need at the moment as I am still accepting it. Plus I need to get help with coping with my current situation from external groups so I have support through the bad patches.

I know I am not first person or will be last person to go through this but I know I should use it to push myself to finally change my life for the better. That is build something good out of something which could be bad and gain a more positive view of my life as a whole.

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