A Victim of the Conservative Austerity Policies!

Posted: 2 September, 2018 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

Sadly I am being a victim of the Conservative Government’s NHS squeeze a process which should of only be a quick process which due to lack of funds given to NHS is going to turn out to be process which is going to take over month to solve.

I don’t blame the NHS but I blame Mrs May’s Government totally whose unnecessary Austerity measures have starved the NHS all in an attempt to force us to use Private Health Services which people like myself cannot afford.

What makes this worse for me I have a Bleed Anaemia which has already endangered my life once and it could do the same again at any time.

All this so Mrs May’s Government can claim the NHS does not work and force us all to take out Medical Insurance from Companies which are paying the current government to destroy the NHS.

This jut highlight how corrupt our government here in the United Kingdom has got especially the Conservative government which runs the country for big business and an elite at the expense of the people.

All made worse by a Labour Party more intent on destroying itself and ignoring it own voters. A Labour Party which now supports the Conservative plans to destroy the country than be saviour of our NHS and public services.

So in the end I am yet another person effected by the Conservative Government’s policies and I an very unhappy about it as because of them I cannot work, I do get full pay luckily, and they have put my own life at risk!

All for what? Nothing!

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