Chronicles of a Steam Powered Storyteller Part XLIV

Posted: 22 March, 2018 in Journal, Life

It is becoming that time of year as things start to wake up for Spring I start to evaluate the direction my life is taking though currently I am not totally happy of its direction. Some things are starting to come together especially with my Role-Playing group I am trying set up while other things like work are not going so well if anything stagnating in sea of boredom and indifference.

Not helped by some at work expecting me to cross the line of my personal morals which has caused me major anxiety over the past few months to a point that I had to be on tablets to cope with it. I have to start to question why am I doing a job which routinely expects people to cross their moral codes which I will not go into here but all I will say the actions are very questionable morally.

This really seams to reflect the modern United Kingdom after Brexit when people have started to think behaviours for example lying and discriminating against those who for not fault of their own cannot support themselves in society are acceptable. This I am slowly finding more distasteful as this at a total variance how I was brought up by parents who taught me to be honest and tolerant of people. I am now wondering how I can distance myself from the society we are creating in the United Kingdom which includes how can I leave the United Kingdom forever.

I am amazed currently with all what is going on I am keeping together but barely!

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