Chronicles of a Steam Powered Storyteller Part XL

Posted: 22 January, 2018 in Journal, Life

As I said yesterday in general it all starts again the fun world of work though as I said I am indifferent to it now which if you think about it is a bit sad in the end. After all you work most of your life so enjoying is almost a must as anything else would waste of your life after all we are not put on this Earth to be slaves but to live our lives to the full.

It is not that I am not good at my job just the fact I am now bored with it much like most of my life around me which lacks real colour and that certain buzz which gets you up in the morning and do things. Unlike the large majority people around me I do not blame other people for this malaise I am in currently as it is all my own work.

I am bored because I have become far too comfortable and it is easier to follow the same pattern everyday as it is easier to do than actually living. I have also allowed the fear of living creep back into my life that sort of crippling fear which stops you actually doing anything.

I know I can change things but half the art is finding a way to fool myself into doing it without taking extreme and dramatic measures but in small steps at a time. Though this does always increase my frustration and the feeling that my life is going nowhere very fast. But in the way it is better way of doing it as it will upset those around me less as I know I need to change but I still want a quiet life.

The first steps have been taken already as the saying goes a journey starts with a step.

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