Christmas Is Upon Us Again!

Posted: 19 December, 2017 in Christmas, Comment, Life

Almost with blinking of an eye Christmas has arrived yet again though it is still sort of sinking in which is not helped by current situation world wide which puts a dark spin on this Christmas. But it is here and when I finally get around to enjoy it I will especially this year because I am spending it with my partner and dogs.

This sort of now reflects my personal view of Christmas which I now regard as a time for people to spend with their friends, love ones and family, enjoying eating, drinking and each other company on a special day of the year. The religious side of Christmas has become insignificant to myself and most of the people around me as in my view it has become irrelevant to our modern world.

I find this very ironic in so much Christmas has gone full circle back to a mid-winter festival now celebrated by all people rather than pagans alone as it was before Christian Church hijacked the festival for their own. I find this idea of Christmas for more comfortable and relevant to my view of the world around me as it fits our modern world so much better than the Christian festival.

Some people out there will of cause be offended and shocked by this view of Christmas saying it is not a traditional especially the Christians out there. But what I will remind them is that I am Agnostic Atheist who lives in a multicultural and multi-faith world and regard Christmas more as mid-winter festival for everyone to celebrate which needs to adapt to fit our new modern world.

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