A Personal Schism!

Posted: 29 November, 2017 in Comment, Role-Playing

At the moment I am at a turning point with my Role-Playing in so much I want to move forward towards more story telling based games away from the more traditional heavily rule based role-playing as I after month of playing them have started to find them frankly boring and uninspiring to play.

The major issue I am having with rule heavy traditional role-playing games, especially likes of Dungeon & Dragons, is they are far too restrictive putting too much emphasis on combat and tactics rather giving both players and game masters latitude for role-playing. The games using these type of rules always end up much like computer role-playing games centred around a series of quests and combats with little real stories. This is regardless how hard a game master tries to push role-playing as very nature of the rules make this very difficult, if anything almost impossible to do effectively.

I have nothing against such traditional rule heavy role-playing and it players as they have their place in the hobby and such games are extremely good introduction to the hobby especially for those coming from computer gaming background. But other than this they are not conducive to long and more more in-depth games as their emphasis on rules makes real character and story development very difficult.

Myself I have now moved on to story telling games in which the rules become an ends to a means to give a role-playing a consistent base but do not get in the way of story and character development, if anything the rules make such things easier. In addition with rule light role-playing games the background becomes more important than the rules rather than the other way round with a more traditional rule-based role-playing games.

I now find running and playing more story telling based role-playing games far more rewarding as I do not feel like I am being restricted by rules and more freer to explore character and the game’s background. I find the whole experience of such story telling role-playing games a more personal and entertaining than the rule-based role-playing games.

As I said at the moment I am at a turning point with my role-playing either continue going to a local group in the hope I can find others within the group who think the same as myself, which is turning out to be difficult task to a point I am at the point of giving up. Or I leave the group and forge my own path as a Role-Player and a Story Teller and find like minded people locally something which is very temping at the moment.

It is sad I have to think like this but much as the rest of my life I am starting to feel trapped by the people around me who rather not move on and try new things which make me really feel like they are holding me back when I so want to fly at the moment!

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